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Natural Colours

Always on Trend, Warm, Earthy Colours. This year’s theme is all about making homes cosy and comfortable. Earthy colours continue to pop up in bathroom designs. Whether this is in the form of plants, feature tiles or by adding natural materials like oak this style Is timeless! Whites, Gentle sages, and warm blues are all colours on trend this year.

Brushed Brass

One of the biggest home design material trends to emerge. Brass adds instant warmth, Class, and contrast to any bathroom design. This style adds glamours feel while remaining tasteful. Keeping simple touches by incorporating brass into your basin mixers, showers and accessories creates an impressive style.

Shapely Hexagons

Their unique shape is what makes them remarkable. Hexagonal tiles can be styled with deeper colours for a more classic look or keep it quirky by adding pops of colour! Hexagon tiles are an easy decision if you are wanting to add a sense of drama yet are easy on the eye. Visit our store to see our on-trend hexagon displays!